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Alumni Helping Alumni

Celebrating 25 years of professional networking

Some of my favorite conversations with alumni are when they tell stories about the other alumni and professionals who have helped them. The excitement and appreciation that they convey is truly heartening. The excitement comes from the new information and support they receive. The appreciation comes with the recognition that time is valuable and even a 5-10 minute conversation is priceless.

For example, a recent graduate considering the two career areas of social work and school counseling started identifying alumni for informational interviews. By our first update, she had been able to talk to two professionals. One alumnus, in particular, overwhelmed her with the generous amount of time and information he shared.

Not everyone can hire a fellow alumnus; and not every alumnus needs a job lead to more forward with their career management plan. Many alumni are looking for information that can help them make decisions or present themselves more effectively when a job is open. They just wish to learn from your experiences.

If you are looking for one way to give back and help others, here are a few suggestions.

  • Answer a networking request
  • Share information about jobs and your company in LinkedIn.
  • If you are a Hiring Manager, post your positions in the Hire UI Alumni job board.
  • Offer support and feedback to alumni you know that are in a career transition.
  • Update your profile in the UIAA Alumni Directory.
  • Update your contact settings in LinkedIn.
  • Share your experiences with other alumni through UIAA Alumni Career Center programs or communications efforts. Contact Julie Bartimus for more information.
We invite you to share through Facebook your stories of when you were helped or when you were the helper.