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Best Kept Secret

History of the Virtual Career Center

"WOW! I never knew," is the response we hear most often from alumni when they see the resources of the UIAA Virtual Career Center (VCC) for the first time. Alumni appreciate the convenience of the advice and resource collection staff members have put together and are using the content to fine tune their professional networking efforts and pursue their career goals.

The most popular career topics continue to be resume writing, self-assessment, planning and interviewing. Alumni from 59 countries and 51 states and regions visited the VCC an average of 1,361 times and viewed 6,226 pages per month since January 2012. By the end of October, 2,524 alumni were subscribed to the Virtual Career Center’s monthly newsletter.

The VCC topics follow a career management path and include expert advice, practical exercises and recommendations for websites and books. A built in subject index and Google search help alumni find the topics they most want to review. Fresh information is added regularly with weekly articles,
page updates and Webinar recordings. Additionally, subscription to RSS feeds and a monthly newsletter will deliver up to date information to you directly.